We have partnered with local and national organisations who provide us locations, equipment and programmes so we can offer free technology learning and assistance to not-for-profits and communities around Otago.  

  • We facilitate free community classes, with modules provided by our partners at the Digital Inclusion Alliance Aotearoa (DIAA). These teach technology basics and digital security relevant to all ages.  
  • We have new pathways into technology for those community members over 65years.  Who, post COVID19, will be looking for a few more skills to get connected while protecting independence.  
  • We can also help with tailoring a device to suit specific needs and set those who need it up with low-cost SkinnyJUMP 4g subsidised internet and collect devices and computers from organisations to give back to communities who need them.  
  • Last but not least our kids(7+yrs) programmes where they: 
    • mentor community members and assist Teachers (Code Club 4 Teachers) to learn new skills. 
    • learn coding skills(Code Club), 
    • working with tech volunteers to learn new skills, 
    • play with computer hardware, robots and communications technology.