Community Tech Spaces

Our vision for Dunedin is to enable our communities to support their whanau with their technology needs.


Community Organisations and groups

  • Assist in providing technology to set up Organisation with tech that can be utilised to
    • Set up Tech hubs
    • Run training programmes
    • Community use to access the internet with tech helpers on hand
    • Community groups can use for their own programmes and governance
  • Provide training modules to teach members how to:
    • Choose technology they need
    • Use their technology
    • Get online safely
    • Use various apps and tools online and off
  • Network with other community organisations doing the same thing
    • Access to shared resources
    • Sharing opportunities to create better incomes for our communities


  • Assist IT trained or experienced community members utilise and share these skills with their communty
  • Have the opportunity to meet likeminded peirs while volunteering in the community
  • Have the opportunity to learn new skills
  • Gain work experience while training

Community Members

  • Gain help and instruction to get them utilising their own technology online
  • Get access to community tech spaces for online access with help

Dunedin Tech Services Network

  • More people getting technology and online
  • Get connected to those in their communities needing their services
  • Feedback service to gain more customers through word of mouth

For more information or to see how you can get involved in your community