Better Digital Futures for +65’s

Digital Inclusion Alliance Aotearoa – Better Digital Futures Programme 


Gratefully supported in our area by Age Concern Otago providing connections to +65 communities and facilities for class use. Participants within this programme are at a beginner level sometimes interacting with technology for the first time.  Pathways run in 4 week blocks.  But if you wish to continue your learning, just choose a time and you are free to come along until you are confident to go it alone or with family help.

The aim of this programme is to: 

  • Introduce seniors to technology and its positive uses relevant to them
  • Help Seniors find the right digital device for their purpose
  • Set up and personalise their devices and give them the skills and confidence to complete essential tasks on their own 
  • Provide a safe place to practise online skills building with backup
  • Creating connections to help with technology service and hardware needs