About Us

Com2Tech Trust Board Founding Members. Back Row: Lois Scott-Muir, Amy Souquet (nee. Gosling), Celeste Gosling. Front Row: Martin Haanan, Tim Gosling, Stephen Gosling.
Photo by Blake Gosling (8yrs)

As siblings who grew up in many towns all over rural New Zealand, we Goslings quickly came to understand the importance of community, communication and technology.  All of us have earned our own sets of skills over the years and have continually had a shared interest in the dynamic way technology is moving forward.  From our ‘party-line’ rotating dial landline and C64 we experienced in younger years, to having a cell phone connection on your wrist and a mini computer in your pocket today. 

October 2018 The Community Communications Technology Trust (Com2Tech) was born from this interest.  The idea was to create balance for our children and others, who have no choice but to grow up immersed in technology, giving them an outlet to leverage time spent idle on devices by assisting within our communities.  All the while creating new learning experiences for themselves.  

The Com2Tech Trust members are:

  • Stephen Gosling
  • Amy Souquet
  • Celeste Gosling
  • Tim Gosling
  • Lois Scot-Muir

Others Contributors:

  • Martin Haanan