Thoughts on digital inclusion Pt1

After spending 2019 quietly testing and trialling community learning programmes and creating foundation partnerships to support us to help others. 2020 and COVID19 came along with a loud crash and pushed everything Com2Tech (Community Communications Technology Trust) have been gearing up for into the limelight. Many people of all ages are struggling with technology in so many ways. Cost, knowledge, training, access, support. Where to start. What to start with. Am i capable of learning.

All this is necessary to survive in our 2021 Technology driven World where getting online is becoming a necessity rather than a choice.

We have been thinking about the problem called ‘Digital Inclusion‘ our organisation and many others are also calling the ‘Digital Divide’. The solution we are focussed on: Bridging the gap utilising many different support systems and networks unified to create a bridge that communities can cross together

To be continued…

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